Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Arciconfraternita di Misericordia and Santa Maria di Provenzano

 Arciconfraternita di Misericordia
Santa Maria di Provenzano

I stumbled upon this first church.  I tried looking up information on it and from what I can tell it has two names.  The official church name is Church of Saint Anthony the Abbot.  There are no relics but it was quite an interesting church and the front froyer had some really old ambulance carriages.

Santa Maria di Provenzano is one of my favorite churches in Siena.the highlight of this church is the picture of the Madonna di Provenzano.  According to legend, on July 2, 1552 a spaniard shot at the picture of the madonna but the gun malfunctioned and ended up killing the shooter.  It is for this reason that the July Palio in Siena is ran on July 2nd.  However crazy the story is the church is gorgeous and I think has the most cultural connection to Siena.

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